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Israel Casinos

Israel Casinos

If you are looking for the kind of Israel casinos that you might wish to play at, and then you will find that land based casinos are a bit thin on the ground, if you will pardon the pun. Instead you will have to be contented with casino cruise ships, which will pick you up, take you out onto the water for a while so that you can play casino games, and then return to shore to drop you off with all of your winnings at the end of the night. These can be a very glamorous experience, although the obvious downside is the time limits: you can only go when they are ready to leave, and you cannot either stay longer or leave early. However, there are many upsides too, such as the fact that you get to go out onto the water and mingle with others in a really great environment, and of course that you get to play the casino games that you enjoy.

The first of the Israel casinos that you can visit on the water is the Casino Flamingo. This sails from Eilat Port in Eilat and the duration of the cruise will be four hours long. It is one of the top Eilat casinos around. It sets off every evening, so you will be able to get on board when it is convenient for you rather than having to wait for a certain day. Setting out from the same port and following a very similar schedule is the Casino Lady D., which features one hundred and thirty one square feet of space within the ship for you to play in, excluding outside areas where no tables are placed. With similar details is the Casino Palace, though it is slightly bigger at one hundred and sixty four square feet: this casino sets sail with fifty two gaming machines on board, including slot machines and video poker, and has a total of eight table games for you to try out. These include blackjack and roulette, so you can be sure of getting some real casino classics while you are at sea with this ship. Finally, the Casino Victoria has shorter cruises at three hours in length each, departing at set times during every day: at 9am, at noon, and at 3pm. The ratio of games is slightly different here, with eleven gaming machines and twenty table games, which include blackjack, roulette, Caribbean stud poker, and other forms of poker as well.

You can be sure that it will be very exciting to try out these Israel casinos, as they will be used by locals as well as by tourists. This means that you can meet a whole range of people on your way, as well as being able to play all of these different games that you like. This makes it a pretty ideal solution for your time during Israel, and if you do not like what is on offer then you can just as easily go online to a casino site on the internet instead.

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